Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today's Top 5

So, it's been brought to ran amy attention that I am being too hard on my self- focusing on the the negative too much and not working on the positive. So my friend challenged me (thanks Amy!) to write down 5 positive things about my self each day. It's not hard to think of 5 things, but it might be hard to think of 5 new things each day- just where I have been emotionally- so I am going to work on it and pray over my mind frame and then share my thoughts on here.

Today's top 5:

1- I ran my first half mile after walking about 3 miles yesterday. :)
2- I am stil losing weight.
3- I played with my kids yesterday instead of being selfsih with my time
4- I am making strides with getting my house organized- almost finished my office
5- I loved on my husband and kids and built them up yesterday rather than being critical. :)

Okay, so it's a start. I have to use 5 more things tomorrow. I think this could be really healthy for me. :) So anyway, I am going to push my self a little harder today to try to run 3/4 mile and then over the next few days, I hope to report having run a full mile without stopping. I can walk forever it seems, so now the challenge comes in the running. Pray I don't get chin plints (OUCH!!!), Pray my feet would carry me through. Pray for endurance and strength to push my self. Pray I would not get discouraged if that mile doesn't come as quickly as I would like it to. Pray my diet would provide me with enough nutrients to stay healthy while I work out. Thanks so much! I will check back in tomorrow! :)

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