Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Do you remember this time last year when things were so dry here that lawns barely grew, and the ground underneath was like dessert rock- dry, cracked, and splitting from the lack of moisture?

As I was thinking about having to mow for the second time in two weeks, I noticed how different this year has been, in comparison to last year.  We have had countless rain showers and beautiful thunderstorms.  My grass has been in a steady rotation of mowing and growth, mowing and growth... and fire ants.

Last year, I was also able to spend every waking minute at the pool, collecting a delicious tan and avoiding housework.  *Sigh*  How I miss those days!  Or do  I...?

But in the midst of the perfect tan and messy house, I experienced a personal drought.  I felt completely cut off from God and isolated from all of my friends and family.  I withdrew in to this pretty scary place and found myself desperately longing for any trace of God.  I was jealous of my friends who seemed to be completely content, and even joyful in their circumstances while I just felt.... empty, dry, lacking growth.

And then these really huge trials started coming into our lives- storms.   It seemed like they came one, right after the other, right after the other and there were times when I felt like I might drown from the flash flood of rain that had come in to my life.

Then there was a break and as the clouds broke for the first time, I was able to see the rainbow, reminding me that He was not flooding our lives.  He was giving us exactly what we needed.  And after a consistent stream of storms (much like this summer), I noticed our family was closer than it had ever been.  I noticed how the Lord had drawn me in and how I had learned to depend on Him through the storms.

So after the storms... growth.

And then some dry days.

And then some more rain and more intimacy with God.

And... growth.

All of that to say- when I hear people whining about all of this rain we've been having, I just smile as I think to my self- Lord, if it brings you glory, if it bring us closer, if it produces growth... bring it.

Just a thought for this sunny Wednesday, as I'm preparing to mow.

No Longer I,

The Real Life Mom