Monday, April 28, 2008

A MILEstone

I am insanely sore right now, but it's the good kind of sore- the one you work really hard for. It's the kind of sore that when I wake up tomorrow and can't walk, I will smile and say to my self "I so earned this." So what caused this soreness? Well, I probably didn't stretch well enough, but tonight after walking a mile, I ran my first official mile without stopping! For those of you who can do that and not even get winded, bite me. Just kidding. It was huge for me because it's been quite some time since I ran my last uninterrupted mile. I am stoked and ready to get back out there. I wanted to go more but my feet had other plans so i swam a few laps to add a little cool down workout to the end of my big night. :) I hope to report very soon that I have run my second and my third miles... and eventually 13 miles! But in the mean time, I will close my eyes tonight and smile to myself as I drift off to sleep- sore and proud. :)

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