Friday, April 4, 2008


So I was talking to my husband last night- actually, the conversation started while I was out with my girlfriends having coffee. We started discussing our parents, etc. Then a friend mentioned she wanted so badly while she was growing up to have her father in her life. She didn't just need him, she NEEDED him to be there, to want to spend time with her, to love on her, to play with her, to call her, to make an effort, to really just love on her. So I started thinking about my own two little girls. One of them does not live with us and has made it abundantly clear how much she needs her daddy- just by reaching out to older boys and men for attention. Right now she is six so this is still innocent, but Kyle and I discussed what happens when she gets older and still does not have that in her life. It could ruin her forever.

Do not misunderstand me- my husband is an AMAZING father. Unfortunately he has never dealt with girls and does not understand our deep seeded need for romance. His dad wasn't the greatest at showing affection so he struggles with knowing exactly what our girls need. Even at the tender age of five and six, we need romance. It's beautiful when we get older and we can turn to God for that, but while we are still little, our daddies are supposed to be that for us- they are supposed to be a human example of God's love for us. So Kyle and I were talking after I got home and we recognized how much our daughters need him to romance them. He decided he would start sending them both (even Trinity, who lives with us) cards in the mail and stickers and flowers on occasion. He will call them both and date them both. What a blessing he can be to our little angels!!! I love that he was so completely open to the ideas I had. I love that he is so eager to start learning how to speak their love language. I love that he is a strong example of the Father's love for us. I can not wait to see the affect his actions have on our girls long term. :)

SO join with me in praying for this new phase of parenting. Pray that we would not become discouraged or forget our goal. Pray that Kyle would truly start to see these precious angels as God sees them so he would continue to want to romance their little hearts. Pray that we would have new ideas constantly and our love for all of our children would grow exponentially trough this process. We already love them so much, but how much we love them is nothing compared to the love God has for them, for us, for you. I pray we would tap in to the love of God and that it would pour out onto all of our babies. What a precious gift our children are! What an awesome thing the love of Christ is. :)

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