Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Favorite Sound

So my son was running around naked after his bath (his favorite pastime) and he runs past the kitchen where my husband and I were. He pauses mid stride, sticks his little bottom out, almost taunting my husband and says "come get me daddy". Then he proceeds to run and jump on my bed squealing and giggling. I have to say, that laughter is probably my favorite sound. Not just his laughhter but the laughter of all of my children. Even my little 3 month old Jacob has had his frist few belly laughs and I can not help but giggle my self as my heart is so completely satisfied by this one sound- their laughter.

Then I stop and think about a lot of things. I wonder what it does to God when we smile- when we have those moments of complete bliss and joy that cause our tummies to roll with laughter. I wonder if he in standing up in Heaven giggling at the thought if our happiness. I know he sings over us and he dances over us- do you think he laughs over us? Just a thought.

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