Tuesday, April 8, 2008


So I have decided to run a marathon. I know you're thinking- you? Well yes. Before children I was a runner (not a very good one, but I did it and I loved it to the tune of 4-5 miles a day) I have decided this next January will be my marathon debut. :) I have never actually run a marathon before and so this will probably be a half marathon for me. My good friend Liz challenged me to run with her and I would like to pass along the challenge. My main focus right now will be getting the weight off and building endurance so I have begun regular work outs and changed my eating habits. In July, several training groups in the area will begin to vigorously train for the marathon. I don't know details, but I do know training with a group of people who have been there, done that is the best way to go.

So why am I sharing this with you? I think you could do this too. I think if we attempted this as a group, the results could be amazing! Talk about accountability. Not only would this be a good way for us to be in shape, but also to set an example- for our children, for our church, for our community. Pray about it. I would encourge you that even if you can not run, you can probably walk at least half. If not, then you can be apart of this by praying for the group of people who are willing to commit. Even if you have never run you can do this! I would encourage you to pray about it and then let's begin holding each other accountable. I think the more people who get involved, the more likely we all are to be successful. More bodies= more accountability. :)

I know you think I am crazy, and with 3 kids full time, I probably am a little bit, but this is something I feel passionatley about and wanted to share with you. I really believe we could do this as a group and the end result will be awesome! Start today if you want. Let's keep in touch. Feel free to e-mail me and share your thoughts. See you at the finish line... or at least half way there! :P

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