Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday's Top Five

So I forgot to write the five positive things about me this weekend. What's cool is that I found an old journal where I wrote a list of the gifts and positive attributes I felt like God had given me. This really made me better appreciate who I am and who I was created to me. I saw some of these:

1. I have been given the gift of teaching.
2. I have been given the gift of encouragement.
3. I have been given the gift of hospitality.
4. I have been given a heart of compassion.
5. I have been given wisdom.

WOW!!! I feel super blessed and super gifted. I love when I see a trait God bestowed upon me and I realize He created me just to be me. There will never be another me (which might be a good thing- a little Christi goes a long way) :) jk. But seriously, the creator of the universe crafted me with His hands in my mothers womb. He knew what color my eyes would be. He knew what color my hair would be (before L'oreal). He knew how many days I would have on the earth and how many children I would have. He knew I would be super passionate and super loud- but that's okay. For the first time in a while, I feel like some of the things I am most embarrassed about are things that God, Himself put inside of me and so now rather thn being embarrassed or ashamed, I am excited and happy to be me- the me that God created me to be. (That so sounded like a Hallmark card...) :P

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