Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out Of The Darkness

Time for today's top five. For you who don't know, I have been given an assignment to write five positive things about my self each day- and each day the five things have to be different. For some reason during this last pregnancy my self esteem really took a hit and rather than finding my identity in God, I was looking to find it in being a mom, having a clean house, being 'cute'... etc and because I was looking in those places, I let my self down and started really just beating my self up. In my eyes I was never good enough, pretty enough, my house wasn't clean enough, I was a horrible mother... and the lies go on and on. I realized recently that those were lies from Satan. You see, he figures if he can get in to my head and make me feel this way about my self then I will be unusable to God. That's Satan's goal- to make us all unusable and to make us believe all of the lies he has put in to our head. Soooooooooooo all of that said to say that I am speaking against those lies when I write each of these five things. I am standing against those lies and trying to speak truth in to my life. God has such great plans for me and I would hate to let those silly negative lies be the reason I can not accomplish God's will in my life. So here are my top five for today. :)

1. I walked 3 miles again yesterday and it feels great!
2. I am choosing the positive over the negative in my life. I am choosing to bring God honor and glory with my life rather than just sit around and have a pity party about things not working out the way I thought they would.
3. I am passionate.
4. I have the gift of teaching.
5. I have been given a wonderful gift in music.

WOW. That took some effort but I want to speak these positive things over my life so that I see my self as God sees me- so that I am completely confident in who I am and who i was created to be- and usable to God. :) Keep praying for me. This is 28 years of negative being filtered out of my head and my heart. I have been believing the lies way too long. Time to walk in the light and hear only God's pull on my heart. :) Thanks for the prayers and encouragement.

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