Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation- After the Fact

So I have had tons of people ask how the big vacation went. Honestly? It was really hard at times and so perfectly, wonderfully special at other times. I am trying to focus on the best times, not the worst. :) We had let Timothy get off of his diet for the week because we didn't know how to keep him on it during the trip- way impossible for us. So he was out of control and Kyle was frustrated with all of the kids. I was frustrated with Kyle because he was frustrated with the kids and it was this huge snowball of frustration. But then there were these moments- these perfect memories. These times where everything chaotic seemed to calm and I got to see the look on the faces of my children as they watched real live dolphins playing and swimming with people in front of them. I got to see my son enjoy his first real ice cream cone (and didn't use his fingers to eat it!) I got to see complete joy on their faces as they raced up and down the tracks on their very first roller coaster rides. They were amazed, even speechless at times. They were precious. They enjoyed the vacation so much and have been asking if we can go back every day since our return.

So ya, we had our rough times and allowed our frustrations to get to us at times, but all in all our first family vacation was amazing. I almost allowed our joy to be crushed my the memories of the frustrating parts but the good times- those are the ones I am focusing on now.

And by the way- we so sat right in the splash zone at the Shamu show and were the only section that did not get drenched! :) Oh well- maybe next time! Look for more pictures later.

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