Monday, July 7, 2008

Sea World

Sea World. Seriously. We are about to embark on our first ever family vacation- destination: San Antonio, TX- home of the awesome theme park Sea World. My kids know all about Shamu and the dolphins and every day they run around asking "mom! can we go now? Can we go now?" Cute on so many levels. We don't normally get to do fun things like this but this year we decided we needed a break from the every day norm and we wanted to do something the kids would remember forever. As a family we have lots of little memories but this is something I feel like at least the older three kids can deposit in their little memory banks forever. So am I looking forward to spending 5 days away from home with over ten hours of drive time in a car filled to the rim with children? Absolutely! Well... as long as they aren't screaming children. :P It will be a fabulous time, I am certain. We will begin the mini-vacation with a visit to east Texas to see GG, Paw Paw, and Nanny (GG is my grandmother who lives in East Texas and then there's my dad and my step mom who have just arrived from Canada for the week). So, we will stay at my grandmother's for a couple of days and then head to San Antonio to make nice with Shamu- good times! I am stoked! I seriously slept maybe 4 hours last night because I could not stop thinking about what it will be like when the kids finally get to walk through the gates of Sea World, TX. They are going to absolutely flip out and I will be there with my camera recording every step of the way! :) I hope to come home with pictures of the kids playing with Nanny and Paw Paw, or pictures of the kiddos talking to Shamu. Either way, I promise to come home with tons of pictures to share on the blog. So what are you doing this summer? Me? I'm going to Sea World- next year, Destination: DISNEYWORLD!

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