Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Girl Time... and packing

So we're leaving today for our first ever family vacation. I planned everything out and have everything I need and am now fully packed. If you know me, you hear the sarcasm in my voice. :D I have about half way planned everything, I still desperately need to make a trip to the store and have washed my clothes but have not yet begun the fight... of packing. Soooooooooooooo why not? Am I excited? EXTREMELY! In fact I was just looking on the Sea World website and got a little emotional thinking about all of the things my kids will get to experience. It's going to be awesome. But why did I get so delayed in the process of getting ready and why am I writing about it now? Well after an intense and exhausting day as mommy dearest yesterday, I needed a break so Kyle sent the kids to bed and sent me away to pick up those last few little things we needed.... and perhaps some Starbucks for my self. Did I ever make it to the store? NO. A dear friend of mine (whom I refer to as my wise counsel) called me and asked if we could meet up because she had something for me. The funny part to this is that I had previously called a few of my dearest friends to ask if they could come out with me because I was in desperate need of a friend and some girl time. None of my friends were available and I was disheartened and exhausted to the point of tears.

So anyway, I met this friend of mine in a parking lot and we talked for about 20 minutes. Then we decided to go to a nearby Starbucks to visit some more. Let me just say that was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. During the 3 and a half hour conversation with my friend, I was able to open up and share my fears, concerns, doubts, thoughts, and she listened. Then she shared the love of Christ with me. She showed genuine concern, but really demonstrated insane amounts of wisdom for each of the situations I mentioned to her. She encouraged me and built me up. She gave advice for each of these situations- and not just advice, but Godly advice. Our time last night was like water for my soul. This friend of mine is one of the greatest blessings God has ever given to me and He knew deep in my heart I needed to be with her last night so I am ever so thankful... I'm way behind, but way thankful. :) My heart has been refreshed and I am in the right frame of mind and could not be more excited. So if you ever read this Ms. Charlene, thank you. You are so loved and so adored. You truly are a gift from God and I cherish our times together.

So now I am off to pack. :) See you when we get back!

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