Monday, July 21, 2008

Potty Training 101

Seriously. Why are boys so much more difficult to potty train? We have been at this for ages and he is just now comfortable wearing his underwear and not going potty in them for a while. But then if I don't stay on him he has an accident and don't even get me started on pooping in the potty. I don't see that happening before graduation. Someone tell me this gets easier?

I honestly remember Trinity being potty trained at 15 months- well that goes for tinkling on the potty. Timothy is over 4 years old now and they say he won't be able to move up with his friends to the next class at church unless we can get him trained. So why is it so difficult??? Anyone? I need a book on the topic. Somehow I just don't think that would cut it. Timothy is a rare child indeed. He gets very determined and when he is determined NOT to do something, it literally just does not happen. Help? :)

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