Tuesday, March 18, 2008

So it's been 2 months!

I can not believe Mr Jacob is 2 months old now! And even worse- I can not believe I have not posted a blog in 2 months- crazy! I might say it probably has something to do with that fact that I have a newborn. Or- probably even more likely- right after he was born, we spent that entire month packing and getting ready to move... that makes much more sense. :)

Anyhow, I have a two month old precious baby. Little Jacob Tyler is already sleeping through the night (9 hours last night!) What a blessing he is- truly! The entire experience has been amazing. I was so concerned during the birth process and God delivered me from that fear. He took care of Jacob and of mommy and gave us a perfectly healthy, perfectly wonderful angelic little baby. He cries only when he's hungry or poopy- it's awesome! Well, not true- lately he's started this cute thing. If you are playing with him and you walk away or lose eye contact, he lets out a gentle scream to remind you that he's there and wants your attention... so precious!

And now with Timothy- this week, we have been potty training. So far, so good. I don't know how long it will take, but I am anxious to be done with buying him diapers. I am anxious to not have to change any more poopy diapers and to not have to worry about whether or not his diaper leaked on the way home from school. All the way around, this will be a good thing. So we give him one M&M every time he goes 'pee pee' in the potty and a tootsie pop when he goes poo poo. I figured we had to 'up the anty' for the big stuff. We'll see how well it works. He hasn't pooped yet. I suspect his first time will be in his underwear, but maybe not. He's a smart lil guy. We just need to be consistent with him and he will conquer this.

Trinity is doing well- we are currently painting her room. We bought this gorgeous green and pink quilt for her bed and we decided to paint to match. So currently he room is this beautiful sage green with 2 pink polka dots. The idea is much easier than the execution so it may be an ongoing process. :) I had originally envisioned a green wall with different sizees of pink polka dots (2 different shades of pink). I will post a picture if/when we finish the room. Who knows? Perhaps tonight I will become inspired and just polka dot away!

Oh ya! did I mention we moved??? We are no longer in an apartment- God totally blessed us with a house right down the road from the apartment so we are still close to my husband's work. The house has four bedrooms and is very open. It's not huge as far as homes go, but it does have so much more room than our apartment had. I can honestly say it's perfect for us! We love it! When I walkd in on moving day I cried because it was so much better than I had remembered it being when I veiwed it. I felt like God had really blessed us with this and so now I feel like we should use it to bless others any way that we can.

It's been really neat to watch God's hand in all of this. A year ago I never would have imagined we would be where we are now, but lo and behold, God had a compleetly different plan for us than I did and of course, His plan was much better than ours. I am loving this. every day I wake up and feel so unworthy of the gifts we have been given, and yet so loved at the same time. It's surreal. What an amazing God we serve! What a blessing that He is in control and we are not!!! Oh praise Him!!!

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