Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Day 3...

So perhaps diet is not the best word for what I decided to do because if I was dieting then I would have cheated but since it is a lifestyle change I guess you can't really say i cheated. I made a commitment to eat better but snuck a few M&Ms for sanity sake. :) I think if you deprive your self completely of the things you desire then you will eventually go on a binge and just eat everything in sight. I am trying to make my body healthy from the inside out so I figure a few M&Ms didn't hurt that process at all- besides, they were dark chocolate... ha! Just kidding- I know by now you have learned to love that wonderful sense of humor. :P

Anyway, everything else seems to be going wonderfully. I must admit it is difficult to stay on the path of self control. I know I have it because God gives it to me. It's just a matter of choosing to let the Holy Spirit live through me instead of me living selfishly. What I am referring to at the moment is parenting. I love my kiddos but I struggle with the issue of self control when it comes to my temper. I would never hurt them but I sometimes find my self yelling or getting angry and that's not the kind of mom I want to be. I want to model self control for my kiddos so they, in turn, can model self control. So if I were to ask for prayer for one thing right now that would have to be it- my ability to surrender control of my self to Christ so He can live through me and make me the parent and wife God wants me to be.

That's all for today. More tomorrow. Keep the prayers coming! Thanks so much!

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