Tuesday, March 18, 2008

God's provision

So I was thinking about answered prayer and everything we have seen God do. Then I thought- I should write it all down- everything that God has given to us and done for us. I have already written about the house and the donations involved with that. Now I'd like to share about some of the other things. When Jacob was born, we had not had a baby shower, no did we have anything we needed for a baby. We prayed and by this time, had learned to trust God as our provider. He knew we didn't have the money to buy all things baby and so trusting Him at this point, was our only option. The results of our prayers? Keep reading:

Before Jacob was born, we were blessed when a friend gave us back most of Timothy's old baby clothes, but they were out of season for Jacob as Timothy was born in June. So we just trusted God would provide, and He did. The first day in the hospital, friend after frind after friend came to visit, all bearing gifts. Each gift was something we needed, and by the time we left the hospital we had almost everything we needed for Jacob. At homegroup the following week, they had a diaper shower for us, bringing over a thousand diapers and several packs of wipes for my lil man. There were giftcards to purchase the little things and friends who lent or gave us the big things. To date, every single need we had has been met. Praise God!!! I want to shout it from the mountain tops! :) Hopefully this blog is loud enough. :P

God is our provider. God is my healer. He has met us where we are and has given above and beyond everything we needed. Even with this house- there are some little things I secretly wanted when we found a house but knew I would be okay if we did not get them. What did God do? He chose to lavish on us- I wanted 4 bedrooms, a garden tub, a backyard for my kids, a split, but open floor plan, an island in the kitchen, a big driveway for my kids, and plenty of room to entertain. We got all of that and more!!!! I am not saying God gave us these things because we wanted them, but I think (and this is just my opinion) that He loves to lavish on His children. I think He has tons of things He wants to give to us if we will just ask. I love to watch Him work, because we don't always feel like we deserve His gifts- that's when it's the sweetest. That's when it could only happen through Him. What an awesome God we serve! What an amazing, loving, generous, precious, amazing God we serve!!!

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