Monday, January 21, 2008


So we thought maybe last night they would have to do a C section. For those of you who do not know much about pregnancy, when your blood pressure rises, it can cause a condition called preeclampsia. If left untreated, preecclampsia can turn in to eclampsia- which can be very harmful to the mother- causing seizures, and even possible death. So at the first signs of preecclampsia when you are this far along, they usually just do a c section. We are scheduled to have a c section Friday and I am okay with waiting. Granted, I am uncomfortable physically and unrested, but still okay with waiting until the dr feels like Jacob us ready to come out.

I think, though, I am honestly comfortable with him coming today, too. We have everything planned out for this weekend regarding childcare, etc but I feel like our friends have been so loving, and so caring through this time that we would be well taken care of. I am not so concerned with where our children would go at this point. I was so afraid before because I didn't feel like we had enough of a support system to go in and not worry about where our children would go. I know it seems like I always talk about this, but perhaps it's because this is where I am in life right now- learning about God's provision and how much He cares for us. So I guess what I am saying is I feel like if something were to happen and they needed to do a C section in the middle of the night, we would actually be okay- for the first time in our married lives. I feel like we have a newly found family in our friends. We have a foundation- a beautiful foundation of friendships based on trust and love and encouragement and best of all, I feel like these friendships are direct gifts from God. We prayed for family. We prayed for acceptance, etc and this is what we ended up with- the most encouraging, loving, selfless, generous, caring group of friends we have ever known. I feel so blessed. Lately I always feel so blessed. Even when we have gone through trials and the unknown, I feel like God has carried us and used our friends to help light the way before us. It's so awesome.

So, baby? Not yet. But God has perfect timing and in His perfect timing we will meet our little guy and we will not worry about anything because God is in control- now and always. Thank you God for our friends, our family. Thank you for taking care of us and providing for even our smallest needs. Your love is amazing. Your love is complete. Only in you can we find this peace. Thank you.

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