Thursday, January 17, 2008

BABY CLOTHES... 8 more days!!!!!

So I was in the mall today and had some extra money left on some gift cards. What did I do? I bought clothes for Mr. Jacob. I couldn't help it. He is going to be a big boy, I think, so I needed to find some sweet things for my little man. He has some of Timothy's old clothes, but Timothy was born in June, so most of his clothes were short sleeved and with the amazingly unpredictable weather, I wanted to make sure Jacob had plenty to wear. :) What's really funny is that now I am so much more giddy than I have been. I am insanely excited about meeting my little angel. As I type, one of his outfits is sitting on my desk just next to my left arm and occasionally I look over to see it and picture him in my mind. I imagine all of the wonderful things he will be. I can imagine his first smile, the first time I get to hold him, the first time he looks at me with his big baby blues (I am assuming they will stay blue). I like to think about the first time I hold him and get to love on him and I wonder how he will be. In my mind, I have this picture of this perfect little man (who looks oddly like his big brother). We shall see! Only 8 more days and then we get to meet. I can not wait for that moment when I am finally face to face with my perfect little man. AH!!! The joys of being a mom. :)

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