Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Juicing, Day 15

So, I've derailed from the course a little.  I had a couple of full blown meals with my family- more for the sake of having a meal with my family than because of temptation.  But the thing is, I felt gross after eating something that wasn't good for me.  I felt sluggish and grumpy (probably mad at myself for not sticking to this 100%).  But I decided that I prefer F&V (That's Christi talk for fruits and veggies) to anything.  I feel INCREDIBLE when I juice.  I feel clean from the inside out. 

I know I still have weight to lose, but it definitely feels better than it did.  I divorced my scale for a time so I can't tell you how much I have or have not lost, but I have lost.  My clothes are starting to feel different and I just know that I'm headed down a good path.

So as I was juicing yesterday, I got excited because I wasn't juicing out of a need to please people or out of obligation.  I was juicing because I wanted to.  I WANTED TO!  :) 

On another note- Out of all of the devices I have borrowed, I have fallen in love with the NINJA.  It's like a cheaper version of the Vitamix and there is no more compost!  I am getting 100% of the vitamins and minerals from the skins and seeds because this little blender completely demolishes anything you put inside of it.  It's like something Jack Bauer would use for a threat of torture...  just sayin'. 

Check it out!  http://www.ninjakitchen.com/

And good luck juicing!!!

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