Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Blinders Come Off

It's not all about me. It's a wonder I have survived this long thinking life was all about me... not that I truly believed every single thing was about me, but I am referring specifically to my prayer life. I recently have found such a passion in praying for others- and not always my closest friends or life threatening things- just the things that were burdening people I encountered. It's so beautiful to see how God has been changing my heart from the inside out. I have developed such compassion for others and for their needs, desires, struggles, etc. I have seen God change me as I have become excited to watch Him work and excited to see prayers answered. What a joy I found as I saw Him answer prayer after prayer after prayer in my own life. I think this is where my passion came from. I saw Him work so much and felt so fulfilled that I wanted that for others. I wanted others to see His hand as we sought His face together. I wanted them to experience the sheer joy from praying even when it seemed like all hope had been lost. I wanted them to know what it felt like to truly lay their burdens at the foot of the cross and wait patiently for God's answer... for God's perfect timing. In Acts 1:7, it says "'The Father set those dates,' he replied 'and they are not for you to know.'" I love that He has such an intricate plan that only He sees and we can't see it. I love that, because it makes us dependant upon Him. My pastor said last night at our prayer service "I'm certainly glad I don't get everything I ask for when I pray for it because then I would be really spoiled." What a good thought. What a profound thought. When I used to pray, I used to assume God would answer my prayers immediately and answer them the way I wanted. But then I would have been spoiled- AND I never would have learned all of the amazing lessons that God has taught me in the waiting. So ya. I am glad it's not all about me. I am thankful, ever so thankful that the blinders have been removed and I can see this whole big world full of people who are hurting, people who are sick, people who are lonely- all of these people who NEED prayer and who need to know that people are praying for them- petitioning the Father on their behalf. I am thankful for this heart of love- the kind of love that can only come from Him. I am thankful that He has set me free from some of my selfishness and brought me in to a new place of living in Him and trusting in Him. I have learned to really love when I get a prayr request from a friend or an acquaintance because it gives me an open door to the cross. It's my time to go be with God and talk to Him, listen to Him- it's that time that I would have otherwise spent doing other things but instead, I end up at His feet and oh what a precious place that is!!! :)

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