Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, Monday

SO I should be cleaning my house right now but I realized I have been neglecitng my blog so I wanted to write (much more fun anyway). I am sure I will regret it in ten minutes when I still have housework that is calling out to me, but you know... today I say "who cares?" I don't have company until this weekend and I realized I have been spending far too much time on the housework and little things and far too little time on the other little things (ie.- the little angels that occupy the rooms I am so desperately trying to clean). So, I decided to call it a day on the housework... for right now. I have issues with OCD so this might be a struggle for me. As for now, I am doing well. I decided I needed ten minutes of time to my self to blog and to relx so i am doing that and enjoying it.

So let's see. What's new? Well, Timothy has been sick off and on for over a week now, which is super frustrating. He will have random diarrhea or something of the sort and go back to being normal. I am not sure if it's something he ate (although that really hasn't changed) or if he is just sick or what's going on. So we'll see. Jacob is doing better. He was really sick with laryngitis (thanks to me) and a cold/ cough to top it off. Poor baby. He had the most pathetic cry- you would look at him and he would appear to be screaming but it was as if he was in a slient film because although he appeared to be screaming, nothing was coming out. I must say I am actually glad that has gotten better. It was kind of nice not to have the screaming echoing throughout the house but honestly when he started feeling better it was good for my heart to hear the little guy again. He only cries when he is really hungry or really tired and I almost never let it get to that point so most of what I hear are the sweet sounds of him cooing or squealing with delight. It's a precious time for us right now! :)

Speaing of exciting times- my Trinity is to start gymnastics this Thursday and I am so elated!!! I can't really believe she is that big but she really is!!! Crazy!!! I am super happy for her though. This will be so good for her on so many levels. I can't wait to see her out there jumping around and having fun. And Savannah's softball season ended this weekend. It was an interesting ride. We got to see a few of her games and she did well when she was batting and running but she was cracking me up when she was in the outfield. Her mom and I were at this game saturday and just laughing as she was so not interested in being in the outfield. She laid down and played with the grass. She was being a silly girl but it was entertaining, I do have to admit. I wish she was more excited about it. She says she likes to play but her actions contradict her words so we'll have to see if maybe we can't get her more excited about playing in the outfield (and not with the grass). Soon, hopefully. :)

So anyway, nothing else new is really going on. I actually got all three to nap today so woooohooooo. I am going to do something productive. I wish I could just enjoy rest time and not feel like I NEED to be doing something. I think it's a stronghold. I should just thank God for the time I have to rest and get to napping. That would rock. Going to it now... have a blessed week!

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