Monday, June 30, 2008

A Simple Request

So I have this whole huge list of things I have been learning and wanting to share in this blog but I have such a lack of time right now. I wanted to blog today to ask for prayers. While I was sick, I pretty much laid in bed the whole time and because of it, I feel as if I have completely undone any training I had started before getting sick- which means any running I was able to do, I now feel completely unable to do. It feels like I am starting over from the beginning and it's discouraging and frustrating.

Please pray for motivation, a right heart and attitude. Pray for rest, for good, hard workouts, and for time for me- time to write, time to study and time to work out the way I need to be working out. Also alone time- without kids, without anyone would be nice, but that never seems to happen. Timothy can't nap or he stays up all night, so I am pretty much mom around the clock- without a true break. Anyway, I just feel like I need more time and more rest. I appreciate your prayers. I haven't felt this frustrated in a while and I am usually the one offering encouragement- this time I am the one in need. So thank you. I appreciate it.

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