Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Food

Holy cow. It just hit me that my baby, my youngest angel is four months old now! WOW! Okay so what does that mean to you? Not much. To me? Everything! My baby is eating jarred food now. We bought him his first green beans last night and laughed for about an hour while watching him adjust to "real food". Seriously though- baby food is so weird, gross even. First of all, baby green beans look like baby poop- so my question is , do they really digest them or do they just pass them out the same way they came in? Okay, perhaps that was a little too much information but like I said before, my blog, my thoughts- that one was just not as profound or mature as some of the others I have shared. It's a serious concern though... okay, not really. But it is interesting to think about. I debated making my own baby food. I know some very amazing people who make every single thing baby puts in to his mouth but I am not that talented, nor do I have that kind of free time (and for that matter, not really sure that I want to. :) But it's all good. Gerber makes some good stuff and heck, I was raised on this stuff so I guess it can't be too bad. :) Ingredients: green beans, water- seriously- how bad can it be... it just looks nasty. :) But hey- to Jacob it's gold, so who am I to complain or to tell him any different?

Okay, so don't tell him this but I didn't willingly eat greens bean until this year. How cruel am I? I am forcing my child to eat this food that I wouldn't even touch until I was 28 (almost 29) unless by force! Ha! Oh well. My parents did it to me, too. I had to eat 5 green beans every time they made them. Little did they know I was secretly trying to pass them to the dog but green beans in my house were from a can, which makes them even nastier, so nasty, in fact, that our dog wouldn't even eat them. That, to me makes them reeeeeeeeeeeally bad because dogs lick their butts- how bad does something have to be for our dog to reject it? Holy cow! What am I feeding my child??? :) Okay, well, it's good for him and he will like them when he's older. In the mean time, I am posting a pic or two of his first green beans- next week you can see his first carrots- aren't you excited! At least they don't look like baby poop! Ah! The wonders of baby food! :)

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