Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Y'all Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind... "

Love the title, eh?  It's from a rap song. I personally am not a huge fan of rap, but this is what I was just singing to my kids as we laughed about what happened a few short hours ago...

So here's a little piece of real life for ya...

Today, the Hottie had to study (as in- there is absolutely no time for anything else but studying today), so I decided to be the wife-hero and took all four (sleepy, hungry, grouchy) kids to the grocery store.  Yes.  All four.  No.  I'm not mental...  not clinically, anyway.

So I made my list- I went all admin on myself and typed it in excel, outlining each item so I could check it off in the little box provided as I put it in the buggy.  Yes, I have OCD... why?   Anyway, I was excited to get out of the house and not be in a hurry.  I know I'm sick, but I LOVE to go to the grocery store- not all grocery stores, but HEB in the Woodlands makes me happy.

That being said, I will acknowledge that after nearly three hours of shopping, I have never been more relieved to make my exit from said store.

During the course of our shopping trip:
* my heel was mauled by Timmy's shopping cart (which, might I add, happened while he was driving at full speed).
* Shepherd decided that this particular shopping trip was as good of a time as any to not be constipated any more (and I gagged all the way through the rest of the store).
* I was given several dirty looks by some lovely "Woodlands" people who clearly think they have more rights than my children and I to shop in that store- and all just because my children were being loud, or barely in the way.
* I lost my temper with my children 120934871 times.
* I cried twice.  Don't judge me.  You know you've done it, too.
* Forgot much and had to make my way back through the store... about 23847 times.
* I ran into several people I know (while I looked like death)...
* And the icing on the cake- forgot cash for the girl scouts

And I STILL didn't get everything on my list.

I share all that to say this:

2- Just so you know, I'm so not perfect and you are so not alone.


So glad I'm home now so we can laugh about it.  So glad I have the most fantastic children who forgive and apologize as much as I do... who are still laughing about the fact that mommy cried in the HEB.

Here's to being a wife-hero to one of the greatest husband-heroes ever created!  (And by the way, the whole "crying in HEB thing"  that's our little secret, mmmmmk?   The Hottie thinks I'm super woman and that MIGHT taint his current view.  ;)

Still growing.  Thankfully.

The real life mom.

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