Wednesday, June 1, 2011

To The Teachers

I've always felt that teaching was a gift from God.  I know it's definitely something that requires an extra dose of patience, creativity, passion, and loving kindness.  Some parents choose to home school while others enlist the aid of the nurturing, caring individuals we call teachers.  I once read a parent describing their child's life as a notebook.  She asked the question: "Who is writing on the pages of your child's notebook?"

My son is somewhat difficult to teach.  He's easily distracted, passionate, excitable, but definitely high energy.  He loves to learn, but I know for a while I was definitely not the person to teach him.  So God gave me a team of amazing ladies who invested time and energy into loving and guiding my precious boy.  Each of these ladies (from the administrators to the special needs teachers to his homeroom teachers) played a role in shaping the man my son will one day become.

I have watched my son struggle through autistic tendencies, hyperactivity, and a delayed speech development.  I have prayed for him, cried with him, because of the situation, and most every night for a couple of years.  I thought I'd never see the day when he would read independently, or write stories, or do math and science with such excitement.

Today is Timmy's seventh birthday and not only did we get to celebrate his birthday but we got to enjoy the end of the year awards at school.  I watched as my son's name was called as part of the list of students who received straight A's.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Straight A's... for the year.  Those of you who know him know what an amazing feat that is!  And yes, we are so very proud.

But this boy- this child has been through so much, struggling every step of the way, so I never thought I'd see the day where his name got called on the list of students who made straight A's for the entire year.  The A's weren't because of me. They weren't because I'm such an amazing mom... (no comments from the peanut gallery, please).  The A's were because of the hard work, dedication, passion, love, generosity, patience, and creativity of his teachers.  Specifically, I'd like to thank Ms. Gillum this year.  Each year he has been blessed with phenomenal teachers, but this year was the icing on the cake.  Ms. Gillum stayed late, communicated with me almost daily as needed, and committed to my son to never let him fail.  She pushed and challenged him, working through the difficulties and distractions.  She pressed on when his behavior was at its worst and refused to cave when the pressure was high.

I'd like to take this opportunity to recognize this special teacher and all of the other teachers by saying this-

I send my kids to school because I believe I am not the best possible person to teach my children at this time.  What I get back from you guys are pages and pages of wonderful blessings.  There is no one else I would rather have writing on the pages of my children's lives than you amazing, precious ladies.  I know many of you have children, families, and friends of your own that you sacrifice time with to love on and to guide our kids.  You go out of your way to bless us and your efforts do not go unnoticed.  You are a blessing and you are changing lives... not just ours, but thousands of lives to come.  You are helping to shape the future of our world as you hold their little hearts and minds in your hands. So thank you for giving, for loving so fully.  Thank you for demonstrating patience and excitement for learning.  Thank you for going out of your way to help my child become the person he was created to be.  You have blessed us more than you know and I hope and pray that although you may never fully see the fruits of your labor, that you would know the world would not be the same without you.  My child would not be the same without you.

So here's to all of you wonderful teachers, ladies and gentlemen.  May God bless you and give you rest and rejuvenation as you prepare to pour into more lives next year.  You are appreciated.  You are loved.

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