Monday, June 27, 2011

Answered Prayers... Savannah And Other Miracles

Since I was sharing with you that I was trusting God for some pretty huge things, I wanted to share with you some pretty awesome requests that He has answered over the years.

Let's start with Savannah.  

Have I ever told you how she came into my world?  I didn't give birth to this little angel, but God knew I'd need her.  Savannah is my step daughter (Kyle's daughter from before we were married).  When I was 20, a doctor told me I would likely never have children... ha!  I was DEVASTATED because I loved children so much (and when I say loved... I don't mean in the past tense- except at 6:00am on Saturday morning when all I want to do is sleep in... but I digress).  I desperately wanted children of my own, but had given up any hopes I had after that horrible doctor visit.

So anyway, after Kyle and I started dating, he told me he had a baby.  Her name was Savannah.  The first time I met her, I fell in love... like head over heels, I wish I had given birth to you so I could hold you all of the time and love on you like my own baby... L.O.V.E, mother-child love.  Then Kyle and I got pregnant (SURPRISE, DOC!)  and shortly, thereafter, we were married.  We were able to see Savannah every other weekend, but there was so much strife between her mother and I that it became more of a hassle.

Then we gave birth to Trinity and those feelings of selfless, adoring love came flooding right back in.  It wasn't when I first saw her... I mean, I WAS on some pretty intense drugs and kind of out of it, so to me she looked more like an alien, less like what I thought a newborn should look like.  Buuuuuuuttttt....  eventually they placed her in my arms and I fell deeply in love with that little alien.  I cuddled her and loved her and couldn't wait to bring her home.

A couple of years (and some tragic situations) passed and then I was supposed to be picking Savannah up from her 2nd birthday party outside of Chuck-e-Cheese.  Being the mature woman I was, I allowed myself to get drawn in to an argument over emotions about Kyle and so many other unimportant details.  I said things to Savannah's mom (Heather) that I should NEVER have said.  I acted in a way that was so unbecoming... blame it on the hormones because did I mention that I was pregnant by this time... again???  (I seriously need to give that genius doctor a Christmas card... from my whole family).  I digress... yet again.  Blame it on the ADD.

Anyway, I went home from that party without Savannah and very upset with her mother.  I felt so justified in my thoughts and actions and I just knew she was wrong... but it didn't matter.  That night, God gripped my heart.  He told me He had a plan to use this precious baby (Savannah) for His glory and that I should make every attempt to reconcile with heather.  So I did.  I wrote this woman an eight page letter- during which, I poured out my heart.  I apologized for the way I acted, for the words I said.  I told her how I felt God was telling me to make it right.  I didn't remember what all was said, but I presented the letter to her with cupcakes (a sort of peace offering).  Not sure if it was the letter or the cupcakes, but something got to her...  :)

That day, my life changed forever.  God used that letter to open the door for a beautiful friendship to begin.  He brought Heather and I so very close.  He allowed a friendship/ mentor-mentee relationship to begin and seven years later, we are closer than we've ever been.  That's not to say we never disagree or argue, but as with any friendship, we have come together in His name, for His glory.  God has used this situation to bless Heather's family and my own.  He has allowed freedom where bondage would otherwise dwell.

Not only did God give me four children of my very own, but He also gave me a precious angel and her mother to love.  I don't share that so I can boast of anything awesome that I did.  If I had things my way, I would have ignored God and there's no telling where we'd be today.  But I wanted to share this to show you how awesome God is! Against all odds, God used this situation to turn me into a mom- a real life mom.  So I praise Him for the opportunity to know and love this precious angel and her family.  And I praise Him for working in a seemingly-hopeless situation to bring Him all honor and glory!

No Longer I,

The Real Life Mom


Janice said...

Wow! I actually got tears in my eyes over this one, Christi. I'm so blessed to hear this story. I never knew all of this. What an encouragement to those of us who still have relationships that need "tending to." Ya know?

Christi said...

Thanks Janice! This truly was a miracle of epic proportions, and I have loved every minute of watching God work here. I pray the same of all of you who have relationships where God is still at work (which is really all of us). :) So happy I could encourage!

Desiray said...

Our God is still in the Miracle working..what a blessing and yes you can boast in God my dear..Thank you Jesus

Heather Harper said...

Christi, God really did show his presence in our relationship. I consider you one of the closest people in my life and your family. Good is so good and has so much in store for you. Savannah is a lucky little girl to have such a great "other mom". Heather