Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starbucks- My Love Language

Starbucks is my love language- seriously.  I think it should be added to the five love languages.  Unfortunately, I did not sleep enough last night. This sleeplessness is not a new occurrence in my life. I blame it on the caffeine. Before my last child was born, I didn't really drink much coffee. But since he has graced us with his presence, I find I am addicted (and I use that word in the strongest sense) to coffee. In the early days, I just ordered a tall. That tall was enough to wake me up and keep me going strong for most of the day.

But now, oh now I have perfected the Starbucks order. I always order the exact same thing: "Yes, I'll take a triple-venti-soy cinnamon dolce late with 4 equal... and no whip". Seriously. (And no, I do not want the information on how bad soy and equal are for you. I know this... man!)

Last week when I went through the drive through, I ordered the following: "A quadruple-venti-soy cinnamon dolce latte with four equal, please." What. The. Heck? When did a tall just stop doing it for me?

But this made me think (because I can find an analogy out of an empty toilet paper roll... and I have!) The tall from Starbucks used to be enough. But now I am desensitized to its effect. It takes more and more and more.

In the same way, I find that I am desensitized to the "little" curse words or a "little" gossip. A "little" violence or sexuality in a movie used to really offend me, but I've noticed that I'm quite a bit more tolerant. I've become desensitized and over time allowed these little things to creep into my life. A "little" lie from the enemy used to set me on my guard, but somehow, over time, I've let the little lies in and they have drastically changed me- not just my mind, but who I am.

Proverbs 4:23 says "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

My body has become a junkyard, and I realize now that my mind has as well. Tiny little pieces of junk, overtime, have polluted my body, as well as my heart and mind. So it’s time for a cleanse. I was already preparing my body for a physical cleanse (more fruits, veggies, less caffeine and junk), but it’s also time for a spiritual cleanse.

When it's all been said and done, I want the tall from Starbucks to be enough . . . who knows maybe I’ll even order decaf!  And in the same way, I want my heart and mind to be cleansed.
So here's to a caffeine-free day! Here's to cleansing- from the inside out. Here's to finding another analogy from the empty roll of toilet paper. I would share that one with you now, but I'm afraid, padawon, that you aren't quite ready for this one. So for now- it's back to cleaning!

No longer I,

The Real Life Mom.