Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year

So I didn't post anything about the new year.  Surprised?  I thought I'd write out some resolutions or make some really thought-provoking statements, but I came up dry.  I wrote some ideas of things I'd like to conquer in 2012 and some personal changes I'd like to make, but nothing truly blog-worthy.  I had not one ounce of wit, humor, or wisdom to share.  And then I went to church yesterday morning...  

I'd have to say yesterday was one of those days where the aroma of my heart going into service was more of a wretched stench and when I left, not a trace of what was, was left.  The message was given by a member of our staff, not our typical pastor.  None-the-less, it was filled with the beauty of truth and scripture that I'd imagine every person in that place needed to hear.  When they post the link on our church website, I'll share it here.  Until then, let me just say dear friend, I'm empowered and inspired!

Can't wait to share more! And for the record, I'm not on anti-depressants (anymore).  Just liked the picture.

happy New year!

No Longer I- truly,

The Real Life Mom

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