Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Behold, The Power of Words

So I got a card in the mail today.  It's about 5 days early, but when I saw the card, my inner 6-year-old jumped for joy, for I recognized the handwriting on the outside of the card.  It was that same handwriting that I had tried so hard to forge in the third grade... unsuccessfully, I might add.  It was the handwriting of my beloved mother.  And the card wasn't just any card.  It was my birthday card.  Yes, folks, I will be a whopping 29 this year... again... for the third time.  :)  Too bad my kids know my true age (and broadcast it EVERYWHERE), or I might try to stay 29 until it's time to turn 39 repetitively.

Anyway, I have been having one of those days... one of those months, really.  It's just been kind of a difficult season for me.  So naturally, I've been having to battle the war in my mind.  And today was one of those days where I was inches from tears when the kids brought the mail to me.  On some levels I've felt like a failure and on some levels, I feel undefined and unaccomplished and just... blah!  (I love that my vocabulary is so large at midnight)

So I expected some kind of cutesy-tootsie card from my mom- because that's just how she is.  They usually make me laugh or make me smile, but it takes a lot to reach my core and affect me the way this card did.  When I opened up my card, I read this:  "I see a young lady out in the world, following her dreams, doing good, and making a difference.  Then I think, Hey, that's my kid. (open card) That's my pride and joy.  Happy birthday to a daughter who's so inspiring.  And loved."  

So clearly my love languages are changing...  words of affirmation is moving on up the list.  This card affected me deeply.  All of those feelings of worthlessness, of doubt that I'm making any kind of a difference, of frustration with my life... all of them are gone.  I feel affirmed. I feel valued.  I feel loved.  And I don't share this for any other reason except to say- next time you think a friend or loved one needs to hear from you...  send them a text, drop them an e-mail (or, Heaven forbid, a hand-written card) and let them know how much you appreciate them.  You never know how much a single sentence can dramatically change the course of one's day.  

So, thanks mom.  Thanks for helping to make this birthday (this 29+th birthday) so special.  Thank you for reaching out to me with these words and encouraging me.  You are a blessing, and you are loved.

No Longer I,

The Real Life (young) Mom

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Desiray said...

Words are very powerful for we hold life and death in out mouth and we must speak life more instead of death to people...if we truly knew the impact our words say we will be so very careful with what we allow to come out of our mouth