Monday, August 11, 2008

Jacob August 2008

So my baby is just over 6 months old now- a good 6 and a half months old... wow. Where did the time go? He went from laying helplessly in our bed to sitting up and then this past Saturday night as Kyle and I watched with great anticipation, our little angel crawled for the first time!!! Seriously! Our excitement may have traumatized him but in time I'm sure he'll recover. We screamed and he screamed because we screamed... good times. :P Poor kid. We've never been together to watch our children go through milestones so it was absolutely perfect and precious! I am still happy to report that Jacob is a near perfect baby. :) So keep praying for him and keep praying for us... looks like mommy has a whole lot more cleaning to do now that her lil man is mobile. YAY for Jacob!!! :) Enjoy the pictures below.

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