Thursday, August 21, 2008

In The Middle Of The Night...

Seriously. Why is it always in the middle of the night when you get sick? Last night my "tummy" was upset but I thought the worst was over and had finally fallen asleep when it happened. That feeling when your face gets hot and you know you have approximately 5 seconds to make it to the bathroom or else... When I looked at the clock I noticed it was exactly the middle of the night and I laughed to my self. Then after bleaching my entire bathroom (walls and all) I crawled uncomfortably back to bed and passed out... for about 30 minutes until my little girl came in, sharing in my sorrow... all over my floor. Good times.

Today everyone seems to be feeling somewhat better but I want to know- why always the middle of the night? :)

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The Hendersons said...

Oh no! Stomach viruses are the WORST! Sorry you had to go through that! Bless your heart!