Tuesday, November 29, 2011

See What Had Happened Was...

I'm a klutz.  Yep.  In the words of Fresh Prince, see what had happened was...

I was visiting with one of my dearest friends (and my mentor) and was looking for something in my room when she announced that The Hottie was calling.  And like any star struck teenager, I turned to run for the phone because, you know... this is only 2011- and it's not like I could have called him back or anything.  Anyway, as soon as I turned around, I tripped over a hope-chest-type piece of furniture that resides at the foot of my bed.

First the big toe, then the shin...  (and no wordy dirds this time).  In the midst of it all, I somehow twisted or did something odd that caused massive pain in both my hip and my knee.  So, here I sit, watching my movie marathon and drowning my pain in chick flicks.  Awesomeness.

But I was thinking... I can remember a few years ago when I used to ignore the call from The Hottie.  I can remember when he wasn't The Hottie to me, but more of someone I was stuck with- someone I loathed.  When things were like that between us, I never would have broken my leg to catch his phone call.  But God is a big God who answers big prayers and changes big, prideful people... and He changed me.

Not that our marriage is always blissful and perfect.  Perfection is only in the movies.  But we have hope and a future...  Jeremiah 29:11 "I know the plans I have for you' says The Lord 'Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future."  It's funny how time flies and how God's word is so full of truth and promise...  hope, and a future.  Who would have thought?

So today, this last day of November, I'd like to say I'm thankful- thankful for the amazing man God has blessed me with, thankful for a mentor who pushed through the hard times and who is, in fact, the very reason we are still married (as God used her to breathe life into us).  Thankful for a God who loves us so much that He sent His son to die so that we, in the midst of all of our selfishness, pridefulness, and drama, could be saved and could experience His plan for our lives- a plan that includes joy and the ability to laugh together as I hobble to the door to greet him underneath a mistletoe that our daughter hand picked just for us.

A line from one of my favorite songs "What joy, what joy for those whose hope is in the name of the Lord."  Thank you Lord for giving us hope and giving us joy.  Thank you Lord for changing me and beginning a good work in me.... in all of us.

Anyhow, I better run... er... get off of the computer.  The Hottie is calling...

No Longer I,

The Real Life Mom

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