Friday, October 17, 2008

4 women... 2 hours... 1 amazing God.

So last night we had the first official women's prayer night. It wasn't a time for fellowship. It wasn't a time for getting to know others or for mingling. This was a time where we planned to join together in prayer for a time to petition God on behalf of our nation, our church, our families, and our friends. There were only four of us, but in retrospect, there were FOUR of us!!! Praise God! What I thought would last thirty minutes ended up lasting nearly two hours! I have NEVER prayed for nearly two hours before. I just don't normally focus well enough to be able to. But last night was so sweet, so precious. There were times that were more emotional than others, but it was absolutely perfect! I was a little intimidated because I am not normally comfortable praying aloud (for fear, I guess, of sounding stupid). But last night we all prayed out loud, and I know God was there. It was beautiful. It was amazing and I cannot wait to do it again. It shall be titled: 3rd Thursday. So next month, 3rd Thursday, see you there. :)

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