Tuesday, September 11, 2012



The effect: Life-Changing

A friend gave me this book a few months ago.  I'd heard tons of people talking about it.   I thought it was a "book" maybe like "The Shack".  I was wrong.  This "book" is actually a daily devotion.

I wasn't looking for a daily devotion or a book to read in my spare time (because, let's face it... I have five children.  I don't get spare time.)

But something deep inside of me knew I needed this.  Even though I have dozens of books and devotions on my bookshelf that I may never get to read, I knew I needed this one.

Not every single day is life-changing, but every single day takes me to a place in scripture that I need to be.

This is a copy of today's devotion.  I was both convicted and enlightened.  Take a look:

Here is the link if you'd like to order your own copy:

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And here is today's page from JESUS CALLING FOR KIDS (click here to purchase).

I feel the need to clarify- I don't actually get any payment from this.  I don't know Sarah and I'm not trying to make any money off of you.

We've been doing these studies together as a family all summer and I can honestly say we are different- all of us.

So why am I sharing this?  Because I feel like I was really sick for a really long time and a friend gave me a book that pointed me to the antidote- truth that I desperately needed, found in scripture.  And I thought- maybe there are others out there who are sick- who need a little encouragement, who need some peace.  The answer is not this book alone- the answer is found in the Holy Spirit.  But this book, written by Sarah Young, inspired by The Holy Spirit, is definitely a wonderful place to start.

Check it out.

Let me know what you think...

No Longer I,

The Real Life Mom.

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