Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Be Still.

As I'm sitting here, thinking about the eerie quiet that has overtaken my house, I'm kindly reminded that, yes- at the end of every day, they do crash.  And yes, what is left over is a house full of laundry, toys, and dishes to be put away... in that order.  There is a stockpile of junk accumulating at the top of my stairs shouting out to me "Organize me!"  But instead I'm writing to you fun people.

I have found freedom in blogging- something has been unleashed in me and I'm quite enjoying it.  It's a freedom to say what I'm feeling, what I'm struggling with, in my own format (kind of like Facebook, but not limited to 450 characters... though some might wish it was).

And tonight's thought is simple- be still.  Yes, I have a to-do list that is longer than Santa's gift list.  Yes, I have lunches to prepare and miles to cross on the treadmill.  Yes there are 4 loads of clean laundry that will likely get dirty again before they are put away... but I keep feeling this nagging from God to say "be still".  So I have turned off the incessant background noise- the movies, Pandora radio, and everything else that I typically use to fill the evening void.  I've checked and re-checked to ensure they are truly asleep, not just playing opossum until I get settled.  The Hottie is at school and I am here, alone in the quiet... doing my best to not listen to the OCD that fills my head, telling me to get up and get busy.  So tonight, it's simple.  Be still.  Make time to listen, rather than talking to God.  Make time to enjoy Him and His presence.

One of my favorite "chick" songs is this:  The More I Seek You  Click.  Listen.  Un-busy yourself and just rest tonight, in Him.

No Longer Busy, no longer I,

The Real Life Mom.

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