Monday, November 10, 2008

All Grown Up...

Well, we knew it had to happen sometime. I was just sitting in Trinity's room with her and she was reading to me. You read that correctly- SHE was reading to ME. What the heck? When did she grow up? And then a few days ago, we realized our Timothy is now fully potty trained- that's right- no more pull ups! The impossible has now become the possible and my babies have become children. At least I still have one baby- who knows what his next big accomplishment will be? I am still dumbfounded with the week we have had. I really truly thought I would be changing Timothy's diapers long after he started school, but no more. No more pull ups! No more wondering if my little boy will ever be able to accomplish this feat. I am overwhelmed with excitement and with gratitude.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I prayed last week for complete healing for my son. I prayed he would be healed of what ever seemed to be wrong with him. I prayed God would work in his little mind and in his little body and completely heal him so that he could become the man God created him to be. After the prayer service- I think the next day, my son "pooped" in the potty for the first time and has not had one accident since then (completely not normal for him) This is huge for me- for us. The timing is such and he is showing so many signs of improvement that I cannot help but see God in such a big way. I see God's hand all over him and I am just completely humbled by His power, by His healing touch. I am amazed and excited to see what happens next with my little man.

So ya, it's been a week- but a good one. My little girl has a phenomenal capacity for learning and has just astounded me with her accomplishments. Jacob and Timothy are not far behind her. How exciting to be able to be here with them, watching them grow and learn and become little people- little independant people. What a blessing! This season I have so many reasons to be thankful but right now I am most thankful for my little angels and everything they are becoming day by day. Praise God, oh praise Him!


Dan & Hillary and little Russell said...

Christi, I am so happy for you and Timothy! I am sure he is so proud as well. Can I send my son over so you can potty-train him? Thanks!

The Hendersons said...

Isn't it amazing how much joy our children bring us? So happy that you had a week full of blessings. Love you girl!