Monday, November 5, 2007

So THIS is a blog....

So, THIS is a blog. Wow! I am not a blog-type person, or at least, I wasn't, so this is definitely interesting to me. I always thought it was silly when people would input their thoughts for others to read. I wondered- why do people even care what I have to say? Who knows?

Okay, so for my very first blog, what will I write? Maybe an introduction.

Hi. My name is Christi. I am a mother of three with one on the way. I have an amazing husband, Kyle, who works uncommonly hard sometimes six days a week so I can stay home and raise my precious babies. (More on Kyle very soon). Of the three children we currently have, one is my husband's from a previous relationship, so she does not live with us all of the time. Her name is Savannah- she is an amazing creature! With bright blond hair and her daddy's gorgeous blue eyes, she is more beautiful than most children I have seen. She is incredibly book smart and affectionate- an awesome people-person. I am convinced she will do well in life, in spite of the difficult situations life has handed her. Trinity is the first child we had together- she is amazing. She has the striking good looks of her daddy and half of her mother's interesting personality. She is insanely coordinated and so, like her father, is incredibly talented when it comes to sports. Then, like her mother, has unusual amounts of common sense and the memory of an elephant. She truly is an extraordinary creature! Timothy is currently our youngest (BUT NOT FOR LONG). He is my most interesting child- he has more personality in one little toe than all of us have put together. He is hilarious from his core, but also my most affectionate. He is a little behind when it comes to speech, so he has also been my most challenging child. In time and with a little therapy, he will be caught up and I have no doubt he will surpass the girls in knowledge and understanding. He is insanely strong, just like his daddy but with the random outgoing personality of his momma. :) He is physically a little clone of his daddy- LOOK OUT LADIES!!!

And then there's me- I am just an ordinary woman, with an extraordinary family. I find out tomorrow if we will be welcoming in a little Jacob Tyler or a Kennedy Noelle. I could not be more excited to find out so we can start planning. :) That's about all about us for now. This is the real life mom... signing off!

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