Thursday, June 13, 2013


The Prince and The Pauper.

Great story.  

Because I have small children, I have (a) no memory and (b) no idea how it actually ends, because they tore the pages out.

Even still, stay with me...

I have these friends (no, not "those" friends).  These friends I am referring to are warriors.  What I mean is, if  prayer were a movie on the big screen, when they open their mouths to pray, you would see an epic battle scene from Braveheart.  These girls pray with no fear, no hesitation, no doubt and it blows me away to see them go to war- especially when they go to war for me, or for someone I care about.  

So I started to think about what makes their prayers seem so much more powerful than the prayers of other people.  I started to wonder what it was that they "had" or "said" or "did" that made me feel so much more protected than other times when I had prayed a simpler prayer.

And tonight, while visiting with my husband, it hit me.

The Prince and The Pauper.

We're all walking around in pauper's clothes and I think we've all started to believe we're paupers.  We've forgotten that we're actually royalty,and, therefore, have the authority of royalty.

What I mean is- when we pray, it seems like we've forgotten a couple of things.  Here I have been playing church for so long, I've forgotten that prayer is simply talking to my father... THE KING.  So that makes me... a princess.  I do not love the idea of being a princess, but I do love the idea of being royalty.  I love the authority that comes with the title.

So when my friends pray and they speak with all authority, it's because they've not forgotten who they are and whose they are.  Friends, we are NOT paupers.  We may be walking around in the clothes of a pauper, but ladies and gentlemen, we are royalty.  Period.

Just a thought for tonight...

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