Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Summer... So Far

Where did JUNE go????  It flew by so quickly that I feel a little bit of emotional whip lash.  

But, as promised, I'm posting about our summer...  but not to say look at us!  We are the perfect family.  More to say, hey- we're learning a lot about what it means to be a family and to enjoy each other instead of depending constantly on others or "things" for our entertainment- lessons that are new to ALL of us.  The photos below are only about 10% of the photos taken so far... this month.  :)  I'll post more as I upload them.  I'd like to share them all with you, (like our week at family VBS and opportunities to trust God, new friendships, etc) but I'll spare you and only post a few.

The truth is- we've had an amazing amount of fun, BUT...  we've also had our share of prideful moments.  We've fought.  We've whined and complained... all of us.  We've made mistakes.  We've learned a great deal as a family and have grown tremendously.  And honestly, during the times that I would typically sit down to write a blog post, I've been busy focusing on what needed to be addressed (like pre-teen drama and arguments with the Hottie) and didn't have the time to blog.

But for now, all of the drama has been put to bed, relationships have been restored, and The Hottie is snoring blissfully next to me.

So I'm posting.

But rather than tell you about our summer, I thought I'd show you...  We may not have it all down, but one thing we know is fun.  Another thing we know is CRA-ZY!  So, in a completely random order (thanks a lot computer), our summer (or at least, parts of it, thus far).

The last day of school- the first night of fun!
That one moment...
When they were still.
The last day of school was also
Timmy's last night as a 7 year old!
This is Timmy's morning
birthday/ donut cake.  :)
 8 really is gre 

And then there was that
special deser
Daddy's boy

Having fun with daddy!

They were trying to be spies...

It's called IMAGINATION.  :)
dress up fun with Shepherd.

Girls' night in!

Part of our unit on manners...

Insane in the membrane...

My boys being boys.  :)

More of my boys.
Mom/ Timmy time!

Daddy time.  :)
The theme of our summer- unplugged.

They cleaned.  together.
With a happy attitude!  :)
They actually enjoyed this day!
Sisters being sisters.

More of Shepherd's manners...

Shepherd sliding by himself! :)  Big boy!

Insanity- pretty sure it runs in our family.
The storm rolling in.

The storm about to hit.

After this, we left...  
The most amazing storm I've ever seen.

The calm after the storm.
The Heavens declare your glory, Oh God!
After the storm, we had no power,
so of course they decided to play
Superhero baseball!
Superheroes playing in the rain...
with the ultimate superhero
A fireman!

And this is pretty much where we are now...  just enjoying our time together.  Growing.  Learning.  Playing.  Using our imaginations.  While I'm sad to see June end, I'm excited to see what July holds for the Muhles!  Thanks for reading!  Stay tuned for more!

No longer I,

The Real Life Mom.

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Anonymous said...

What a fun summer of memories for your kids! It brings back great memories from when I was a kid. :)